My Travel Essentials

I pack light and I don’t believe in checked bags. So how do I navigate through airports and hotels with ease?

Here are my travel essentials.

You can get the Burton Tinder 25L for about $45 on Amazon.

You can get the Burton Tinder 25L for about $45 on Amazon.


First, the actual luggage. When I take a carry-on, I use SwissGear’s 19’ suitcase. It comes with a USB port (but not a charger) for all of your charging needs. This bag retails for about $140 but late last year, I got it at a deep discount at Target for only $40.

For my personal item, I use a Burton backpack. I’ve written about it before but this bag is everything. It’s deep and can surprisingly fit a lot of items with room to spare. It’s also got a lot of hidden compartments if you’re paranoid about losing things like I am. I’ve used it as both a carry-on and a personal item for trips to Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas.


This is less about what I wear on a trip and more about what I travel in. I’m pretty religious in not believing in dressing up to travel. First, it won’t get you upgraded on flights. Second, most of my trips are long-hauls, some being red-eye. While I won’t leave my house looking like a fool, I absolutely believe in being comfortable. My travel outfit consists of Adidas joggers, a loose t-shirt, and a hoodie in case the flight is cold, which it usually is. I also always wear compression socks to prevent deep-vein thrombosis, which can be fatal. As for shoes, I always pack a pair of slides for when I’m on the plane, but I travel to the airport in Roches.

Beats are an absolute necessity.

Beats are an absolute necessity.


Beats are a necessity. Between drunk passengers, screaming children, and the loud hum of the engine, planes get loud. I put the noise-cancelling setting on and zone out. I try to download some movies and Netflix series. I also download puzzle games. I’m a nervous flyer — and I know that may be hard to understand with how much I travel — but I freak out during turbulence. Puzzle games like Tetris are mindless and take my thoughts off the bumpiness. I also take a water bottle to fill up after security. I also bring carry-on lotion because flying dries my skin and face wash.

What are your essentials for traveling?