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Why #squad is so essential

YBJ squadron. #issabrunch

YBJ squadron. #issabrunch

The older I get, the more I realize how essential friendship is. When I was a young, angsty teenager, I would always say, "I don't like people" or "I run solo." True -- I do like my alone time. It allows me to recharge and recalibrate. But I appreciate the company of dope people.

This past weekend, some friends and I hosted a brunch for some of the young, black journos in D.C. It was super casual -- I put out an invite on Facebook to people I knew and told them to bring a friend. The idea to do a brunch for journalists came about on a whim. I wanted to give folks a safe space to drink, connect and laugh. I'd say it was a success. Over 20 people showed up! I made some new friends and reconnected with old ones. Everyone was super chill and

We had brunch at Pursuit on H Street. What I love about Pursuit is how excellent the service is. The staff took excellent care of us. We had the entire second floor to ourselves, they let us play our own music, and we had unlimited food and drink for three hours. We ate shrimp and grits and chocolate blueberry waffles and threw back mimosas for hours. The staff was gracious and accommodating. It's one of my favorite spots to brunch at in D.C., and I'll be back. 

It's been a stressful few weeks in the news. What we do is hard. And as black folks, we sometimes feel undervalued and underappreciated. We're smart and strong, but it sometimes takes a toll. But giving people the space to be themselves, to connect, to form relationships, and to form a #squad is meaningful to me.

I owe my #auntiesquad, my #worksquad, and my #journosquad a lot. My heart is full from Sunday afternoon. I love bringing people together and I can't wait to do it again in the future.

In D.C., brunch is an institution. In NYC, it's a party


I brunch — a lot. There's nothing more that I love on a Sunday afternoon than bottomless mimosas and chicken and waffles. I like my mimosas strong, and I love different flavors other than the standard orange. Bonus points for any brunch spot with a passionfruit mimosa on the menu.  

In D.C., brunch is a way of life. Even serial brunch-haters will attend just so they don't miss out. Day drinking is not only acceptable but fully encouraged in the District.

I spent last weekend in New York, catching up with my Unfriendly Black Aunties, and I wanted to check out the brunch scene in the city. The last time I had brunch in the city was in 2014 at some place fancy place in Flatiron. I'm an older and more seasoned bruncher now, and I wanted to experience the city's scene.

D.C. and New York brunches have some similarities, but are vastly different. Most people I've spoken to who've experienced both say that D.C. tops NYC's brunch scene. I have to agree – when it comes to the food and unlimited drinks. Most places that serve brunch in D.C. have bottomless mimosas, but that isn't the standard in NYC. 

But New York beats D.C. in brunch/day parties, hands down. I met up with my fellow Auntie Alana and another homegirl at Angel of Harlem, where we got shrimp and grits and endless rum punch. It was great! After the drinks stopped flowing, the music started. The DJ got the crowd amped with a mix of Northern and Southern hip-hop, with infusions of DJ Khaled and Carlos Santana

Many D.C. brunches turn into day parties, and a lot of them are fun. But some dartys can be pretty pretentious and full of folks who want to flex and be seen.

There was no posturing in New York. People were turnt, the drinks were strong and the crowd was great. I have a feeling I'll be brunching in New York more often.

Sound off: Do you prefer brunch in D.C. or NYC?