I just got a dog who can't fly on airplanes. I like to travel. Now what?

Migo Jameson Walker

Migo Jameson Walker

This is Migo Jameson Walker. He's a four-month-old puppy who likes peanut butter, long walks, and the Migos. He's smart, funny, and a bit mischievous. 

I didn't expect to get a dog. I barely even like dogs. I have a busy life and live in a small apartment. But I couldn't resist his cute face, so one day in March -- I hopped in a car and drove to pick up my little guy.

We're still getting used to each other. Migo likes waking up at 5:00 a.m. for playtime and I like to sleep. I like pasta, and he dislikes me saying no to him eating people food.

I also like to travel, particularly to far-flung places, which could be a problem for Migo's breed.

Migo is a pug, and all short-nosed breeds such as French bulldogs, boxers, and pugs are brachycephalic. It means that because of their smushed (but cute) faces, they're susceptible to a few adverse health conditions. 

Migo can't be out in the sun for long periods of time because he's at risk for heatstroke. He also can't fly in cargo on airlines because of breathing issues from his smushed face. Many airlines won't allow brachycephalic dogs to fly at all, even in the cabin.

I fly -- a lot. I take a few mini-trips throughout the year and one big international trip. Can I travel for long periods of time if I can't bring my dog? Do I want to bring Migo when I travel, anyway?

I'm lucky to live in a city where doggy hotels and overnight dog sitting is common and can be arranged via an app. I'm even more fortunate to have a host of friends who love Migo's cute face and would love to dogsit him for a few days.

Having a dog won't slow down my travels, but it does make me more considerate of how long I vacation, and where. I probably won't do a 20-day trip to Manila anytime soon, but a weekend trip to Europe is doable. And Migo will come for the ride on my domestic ground travel. He's perfectly safe for bus, rail and car travel. I can't wait for him to see the country. 

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