Thank you!

Vikkie Ventures turns a year old today.

Since then, a lot of things have changed. Some good, some awful.A year ago, I had an idea for a blog that would offer cheap travel hacks, muse about life, and make travel feel accessible for people of color. I'd like to say that I accomplished much of that.

In the year since this blog launched, I've gotten so much great feedback from yall. What has been the most heartening to me has been the people who reached out to me for travel advice or to tell me that they were planning a trip because of my advice. The travel industry has missed a huge market by ignoring the experiences of people of color in general, and black people in particular. I hope this blog helps to fill that void.

This website was started with the mission to help you reach your travel goals, to take risks, and to see the world.

If this blog inspired you at all, I consider my work to be complete. But it doesn't stop here. Stay tuned for more.

Thank you,