Paris, November 2018

Paris, November 2018

It all started when...

I'm Vikkie. I'm from Southern Virginia, but planted roots in D.C.

I started this to demystify the process of planning and taking a trip. The first – and usually only – question people ask me is "how?" How do I travel with bills, rent, student loans, a dog, and a full-time, demanding job?

How, in my early 20's, am I living what some would call "the dream?" 

I was a junior in college the first time I took my first flight. My first flight was to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 2014 – one day after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared. I hyperventilated in my seat as the plane got into air, but the feeling of landing in another place and experiencing another country outweighed my fear.

I liked traveling then, but it became a part of my life on Christmas Day 2014 when I came across a remarkably cheap "glitch" ticket to Abu Dhabi for $265. 

That trip opened the world to me, and now I want to share what I've learned about traveling with you.

Beyond the cheap flight deals and travel hacks I will share, I hope this inspires you to take risks, be bold and do what you love. I hope this blog simplifies traveling and makes it feel accessible to you.